Large or unusually shaped labia can be a cause for concern, sensitivity, or embarrassment for many women. Besides aesthetic concerns, large labia can cause discomfort and pain during exercise and sexual activity. The darkening or drooping of a woman’s labia with age or following childbirth may also cause sexual self-consciousness in her partner, as they worry about being viewed as imperfect. In this article, Toronto-based gynecologist Dr David Gerber will take a look at how a labiaplasty surgery can boost your confidence and lead to a more self-assured outlook on life.

How is Labiaplasty performed?

The labiaplasty procedure involves reducing the size and appearance of the vaginal inner lips (the labia minora) through cosmetic surgery. Patients may also request fat injections to trim or resculpt the outer lips of the vagina (the labia majora).

In order to minimize the area of the outer labia, either excess labial tissue may be trimmed along the edges and closed with biodegradable sutures or a wedge-shaped area from each labia minora may be cut out and the new edges joined. The result is a smaller, less noticeable labia that looks more tucked in.

As Dr David Gerber explains, the procedure is associated with minimal pain and discomfort, minimal downtime, and little to no scarring regardless of the surgical approach. 

After Care for a Labiaplasty

Following a labiaplasty, you will have to complete some basic post-operative care. In most cases, your stitches will come out on the third or fourth day after the procedure. You will be advised to keep your stitches dry and clean until they are completely out. This means no swimming, showering, or sweating, as these can reopen the wounds.

You will also need to apply a thick, sterile ointment every two hours. This ointment will dry, creating a protective barrier that will lessen your chances of acquiring an infection. Some doctors will advise you to avoid oral medications and strenuous activity immediately after the procedure, so speak with your doctor about how you should proceed.

3 Ways a Labiaplasty Can Boost Your Confidence


Enhanced Positive Self-Image 

As Canadian labiaplasty surgeon Dr David Gerber reveals, most of his patients choose any type of cosmetic surgery for this reason. Patients who undergo cosmetic surgery report increased self-confidence and overall satisfaction with life, according to a recent study.

Having endured embarrassing moments caused by prominent labia in snug clothing or trying to avoid being seen naked, especially by a significant other, it is usually refreshing for women to have an improved appearance in this regard, which results in greater self-confidence and self-esteem for women.


Increased Sexual Confidence and Pleasure

There is a significant amount of pleasure involved in sexual activity that originates from the mind. Having a labiaplasty can boost a woman’s confidence, which can lead to more enjoyment of sex. After labiaplasty, many women report increased sexual confidence, sexual arousal, and sexual satisfaction. In addition, sex no longer has to be reserved for a dark room to disguise perceived flaws, which adds spontaneity. 

It is common for patients to report heightened self-esteem and sexual confidence after labiaplasty for age-related concerns.

This procedure may also prove beneficial to women who experience painful intercourse due to the labia being pinched or dragged, or who have difficulty achieving orgasms as the result of enlarged labia. 


Improved Health and Hygiene

In addition to tight clothing, sex, or exercise such as jogging or cycling, which can cause chafing, twisting, and pinching, the labia minora is a fragile tissue that can easily be irritated. Due to excess labial tissue harboring bacteria, this may cause micro-injuries and make hygienic maintenance more challenging. As a result of this, there may be an increased risk of urinary tract infections. According to Dr David Gerber, by having a labiaplasty, these concerns can be minimized.  



Labiaplasty can help improve the appearance of your genitals and boost your confidence. It is important to be realistic when deciding to have a labiaplasty surgery. Most importantly, make sure that the surgeon you choose is board-certified, has experience with similar procedures, and is well-respected in the medical community.

Labiaplasty can be a great procedure for many women, but it is important to be prepared for the recovery process. A labiaplasty can be an affordable elective surgery, but you must be prepared for the recovery period.

There are many aspects of recovery that you can prepare for, such as keeping your stitches dry, using an effective ointment, and consuming plenty of nutritious foods. You should also have a support system to help you deal with any anxiety that may arise.

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